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About The Beaver Color Project

Utah Color is a personal effort to promote independent web development and community awareness in the Beehive State.

The project began by creating local portals for select communities in the State. I decided to upgrade the sites in 2016. Rather than just focusing on local communities, I wanted to take a look at the whole.

The most important political division in the state is the county. Utah has 29 counties. This is a large number of counties, but not completely unmanageable; So, I decided to create directories for each of the counties.

The sites include a directory, local calendar and articles about the county. The first articles will be about Beaver County in Southern Utah.

Buying Advertisements

Developing and hosting this site is quite expensive. My original business model was to give free links to all local web sites and fund the project with affiliate ads.

Since I want the site to have a local focus, I decided to start selling ads directly to the public at an extremely reasonable price. The starting price was $25.00 for 100,000 page views (25¢ CPM). You can find the current price and order an ad on this page.

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